How to choose the Best PC power supply

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Time: December 25, 2018

Today is the Christmas of the Western countries. Here, our company wishes you all a happy Christmas and business is booming.

Our theme today is not Christmas, but a Christmas present, because as a manufacturer of computer_power_supply, we are willing to tell customers how to choose a good power_supply.

The following is what we want to teach you to choose the power_supply

The task of the power supply is to convert 220V AC power into DC power of different voltages, so that the hardware with different requirements can work normally. There are mainly the following voltages:
+12V: Responsible for powering the CPU, PCIE graphics card, hard disk, and optical drive.
+5V: Responsible for powering the CPU and integrated circuits such as PCI and AGP.
+3.3V: Responsible for powering the memory.
The second is the problem of voltage stability. For the more important +12V, because the hard disk and optical drive have extremely high requirements on power supply stability, if the +12V voltage output is not normal, it is easy to cause unstable reading performance of the hard disk and optical drive. When the voltage is low, the performance of the optical drive is serious, the bad sectors of the hard disk increase, and the bad sectors are easy to cause the host to crash and cannot be used normally. When the temperature is too high, the speed of the optical drive is too high, and it is prone to runaway and frying. The hard drive will stall or fly. If the +12V power supply is short, it will directly affect the graphics card and the CPU, causing a crash. The control voltage is stable, generally depends on the quality of the power supply line, and our company uses long-term guaranteed voltage stable power supply wire, which will not damage the hard disk and optical drive during use. The power supply is the heart of a personal computer, providing stable current output for other accessories. The unqualified power supply has almost different negative effects on the power supply. If the voltage is unstable, the host will not move, but the other hardware will be directly damaged. What's more, it's BOOM directly, so choose the power supply to be cautious!

Ok, today's study is here, I hope everyone will gain something.

Come and find us the power_supply and the chassis.

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