The higher the power supply and chassis, the better? Most of these 3 misunderstandings are committed

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  Many friends pay attention to CPU and graphics cards that directly affect the hardware running the whole computer, but ignore the key to stable operation of the platform. As the heart of the whole computer, the power supply functions as a power supply for different hardware, and its role cannot be underestimated.

Choosing the wrong power supply is not just a waste of money. Some inferior power supplies can also adversely affect the use of the hardware. In severe cases, the hardware will be damaged. Therefore, the selection of the power supply is very important. Let us explain some common power options. Purchase error area.

The bigger the power, the better?

The higher the power, the better. It is a basis for many players to choose the power supply. In fact, it is not scientific to choose the power supply. In general, the higher the power supply, the higher the design and manufacturing level requirements of the manufacturer, because the size of the power supply is basically fixed, and it is necessary to make more efficient use of the limited internal space to make a more powerful power supply.

For most gamers, the CPU's TDP is around 95W, while the graphics card is mostly 200W, plus the remaining power is about 420W. Considering that the fan and hard disk used by gamers will be more, the player uses 450W- Most of the 500W power supplies.

How to choose better case with power supply 

For ordinary office computers, we need 200 to 250W power supply. Of course, you can choose different styles for this series of power supplies, 12-inch large fan, green fan, red fan, even you can choose LED fan. The price is very good. Meet more consumer needs.

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